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7/7/2018 11:13:00 AM
COMMENTARY: Has the second civil war begun yet?

Kelly Hawes, Herald Bulletin CNHI News Indiana Columnist

InfoWars’ Alex Jones created quite a stir with a breaking news bulletin on July 1.

“Democrats plan to launch civil war on July 4th,” it warned.

Wags on social media had a field day.

“I overslept,” tweeted a man named Pete D’Alessandro. “We meeting up anywhere this pm? If not, did we win?”

And then there was this from one Jacob Valentine.

“My dearest Amy,” he tweeted. “The war rages on into its 2nd day. The enemy still has no idea the war has begun, and honestly I’m starting to suspect that our side doesn’t realize it either. Rations are full. Casualties are none. All in all the war seems to be civil.”

A Twitter user calling himself ForecasterEnten seemed disappointed.

“Alex Jones promised me a civil war today,” he wrote. “Last time I trust that guy.”

Jones, who has been wrong before, insisted in a video message that he wasn’t wrong this time.

He hadn’t meant to suggest that bombs would be flying on the Fourth of July, he said. He was merely warning that the Democrats were preparing for a fight.

There might be some debate about when the first shots were actually fired, he said, but the war has already begun, and those on the right had better be ready.

He has a point. Americans really are at war with each other, at least figuratively.

Take the furor created by Fox News contributor Brit Hume.

Reporting on a recent Gallup poll on the subject of patriotism, a conservative blog posed the question, “Why do Democrats hate America?”

“Hate may be too strong a word,” Hume tweeted, “but they sure don’t love it.”

Hours later, Hume deleted the comment, noting that some people thought it wasn’t a fair assessment of the poll results.

“I agree and thus the deletion,” he said.

The poll found that 85 percent of Democrats were at least moderately proud of America. Only 4 percent said they were “not at all” proud of the country.

Still, though they might be unhappy with the direction of the country, at least some folks on the left have managed to maintain a sense of humor, as was demonstrated by their mock civil war letters.

Take this one from Twitter user Tee Cheri.

“Dearest Mother,” she wrote. “We’ve been hitting the red hats hard with climate change facts for hours. They keep covering their ears and yelling la la la. You were right, I should’ve worn sensible shoes. This war is hell, but I’ll be home in time for dinner.”

On the same day the second civil war was set to begin, Politico published a column by Rob Goodman with the headline, “Hey Democrats, fighting fair is for suckers.”

In it, Goodman argued that Democrats needed to realize that the rules of engagement had changed.

“Democrats should plan to treat political norms, when and if they’re in charge of a unified government, the way Republicans do,” he wrote.

They should remember the Mitch McConnell rule that a president’s Supreme Court nominee isn’t necessarily entitled to a hearing, he said, and they should remember the Donald Trump rule that you can threaten to jail political opponents and you can fire an FBI director who has you at the center of an investigation.

I disagree. I think the best approach is to bring back those rejected norms by doing what Americans do when they don’t like the way things are going.

I liked the Facebook message from the Democratic Party of Maricopa County, Arizona.

“Attention,” it said. “Civil war postponed to November 6. Local polling place. Please advise all troops.”

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