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Inside a Heist of American Chip Designs, as China Bids for Tech Power
Micron, an American chip maker, says its designs were swiped to help a new Chinese plant. Washington sees a larger pattern, fueling tensions with Beijing.... More >>

Italy’s Economy Was Humming Nicely. Then Came Trump.
Between the Trump administration’s steel tariffs, the reinstatement of sanctions on Iran, and political chaos, Italy is again struggling economically.... More >>

OPEC, After Bolstering Prices, Considers Ramping Up Oil Production
The shift effectively ends a deal that had more than doubled prices and raised revenues for oil producers, but that drew the ire of President Trump.... More >>

What Stress? It's Good to Be a Bank
The fortunes of the largest United States banks have changed remarkably over the past decade. So is it time to loosen regulation?... More >>

A Day Care and a Dog Rescue Benefit: On Facebook, They Were Political Ads
Glitchy enforcement of a new Facebook political ad policy is creating headaches for small businesses, news publishers, and other advertisers.... More >>

ABC Plans a ‘Roseanne’ Spinoff, Without Roseanne Barr
The show was canceled last month because of the star’s racist tweet. A version of the series will return in the fall. Working title: “The Conners.”... More >>

The Billion-Dollar Business of Operating Shelters for Migrant Children
A look at the private contractors, some of them ex-military, that have been awarded millions in federal contracts to run detention centers and build tent cities for migrants.... More >>

Europe Retaliates Against Trump Tariffs
The European counterattack, a response to U.S. measures on steel and aluminum, adds another front to a trade war that has engulfed allies and adversaries around the world.... More >>

In Hitting China on Trade, Trump Is Seen Neglecting U.S. Emerging Industries
A new report from the administration is a laundry list of complaints about Chinese efforts to support favored industries — but not a strategy for America to foster its own, economists say.... More >>

Chipotle Will Test a Quesadilla, and a New Strategy
Known for a limited menu, the fast casual chain will begin offering five new food items that will challenge the chain’s reputation for efficiency.... More >>

Amazon Looks at New Sales Taxes, and Shrugs: DealBook Briefing
States are getting more authority to collect taxes on e-commerce sales. That will hurt consumers and retailers, but probably not Amazon.... More >>

Wall Street Week Ahead: Supercharged Telecom Sector Could Become Investor Favorite
An overhauled telecommunications sector featuring most of the so-called FANG stocks could debut as Wall Street's hottest bet when it kicks off in September, boosted by a rising wave of media and television acquisitions.... More >>

Your Money Adviser: Consumer Group Sees a Rise in People Checking Credit Scores
The head of the Consumer Federation of America said the increase was encouraging because those who check their scores know more about how the scores work.... More >>

Meat Wrapped in Meat. Doughnut Sandwiches. Want Some of Fast Food’s Big Ideas?
With Chipotle trying its hand at new products, we offer a sampling of some of the more outrageous attempts at menu innovation by restaurant chains.... More >>

Economic View: Once Cut, Corporate Income Taxes Are Hard to Restore
Corporate income taxes have declined sharply for decades. Sharp increases have occurred mainly during major wars.... More >>

Vocations: A Scientist With a Deep Love of Textile Mills
A lab scientist at DowDuPont uses corn and sugar to develop fibers, then shepherds them to textile mills for mass production.... More >>

Amazon Is Latest Tech Giant to Face Staff Backlash Over Government Work
Technology firms have built systems that governments find attractive, but staff at those companies are less enthusiastic about sharing their know-how.... More >>

Airbus Tells Britain It Wants Details of a Brexit Deal, or Else
The aerospace giant said that the uncertainty surrounding Britain’s departure from the European Union could force it to consider leaving.... More >>

Wealth Matters: Four Tips on How to Rescue a Bankrupt Business
Buying a business out of bankruptcy might seem like a good deal, but it comes with risks. Heed this advice from others who invest in distressed assets.... More >>

How to Deal With Misguided Job Inquiries
A nonprofit’s inbox is full of friendly but irritating emails from admirers who wonder if the organization might hire them. Here’s how to point them in the right direction.... More >>

He Left Work for 3 Minutes Before His Lunch Break. Now His Pay Is Docked.
A waterworks employee in Kobe, Japan, was fined and reprimanded after his bosses found he had been slipping out to order a bento box before his official lunch break.... More >>

Bits: The Week in Tech: Silicon Valley Gets Even More Political
This week, tech companies weighed in on the separation of children from their migrant parents at the Mexico border. Here’s why tech has become more activist.... More >>

The Getaway: Rolling Out the Rainbow Carpet
This year, the travel packages and programs targeting the L.G.B.T. community are increasingly more introspective, philanthropic and activist.... More >>

Common Sense: What Trump Should Learn From the ‘Banana War’
The White House is eyeing tariffs on luxury imports such as perfume, handbags and wine. It might be drawing the wrong lesson from past trade fights.... More >>

Greece Prepares to Stagger Back From Debt Crisis, the End of Bailouts in Sight
European leaders agreed to a plan that would finally take Athens off financial life support, effectively declaring an end to a crisis that nearly wrecked the euro.... More >>

Biggest Banks Pass Fed’s Stress Tests
The first round of the Fed’s annual stress tests found banks are prepared to withstand a downturn, which could presage big shareholder payouts next week.... More >>

The Natural Gas Industry Has a Leak Problem
Emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, are 60 percent higher than government estimates. That’s bad news for climate change.... More >>

The Small Club of Bank Executives Charged With Crisis-Era Crimes Just Got Bigger
The conviction and sentencing of the former C.E.O. of Anglo Irish Bank adds one more member to an exclusive but disgraced list.... More >>

Trumps and Kushners Cut Ties on Hotel Deals That Raised Eyebrows
The family businesses of President Trump and Jared Kushner ended two New Jersey hotel collaborations. Ethics watchdogs had taken aim at their dealmaking.... More >>

Linda Wells Shows Flesh: Woke Makeup for Revlon
Because as Rihanna has lucratively demonstrated, “nude” does not equal “beige.”... More >>

Update: T.S.A. Expands International Carry-On Limits to Powder
The list of carry-on limits airline passengers can carry in their cabin baggage on international flights will soon include powdered material, the Transportation Security Administration has announced.... More >>

S.E.C. Judges Were Appointed Unlawfully, Justices Rule
In a 7-to-2 decision, the Supreme Court said that the Constitution required the commission itself rather than staff members to appoint the judges.... More >>

Benetton ‘Migrants’ Ads Draw Outrage for Using Photos of Real Migrants
The Italian fashion retailer known for its provocative campaigns repurposed two photos from a charity’s rescue operation, and even an anti-immigrant Italian minister weighed in.... More >>

Shares of Amazon, Wayfair and Others Hit by the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Internet Sales Taxes
The Supreme Court’s decision to expand states’ ability to tax e-commerce sales hurt many online sellers. Except for the big one.... More >>

Supreme Court Widens Reach of Sales Tax for Online Retailers
Departing from a 1992 decision, the justices said that even without a physical presence in a state, businesses can be required to collect taxes there.... More >>

Wheels: Buses, Delivery Vans and Garbage Trucks Are the Electric Vehicles Next Door
Low-speed torque and whisper-quiet operation make electric vehicles an attractive alternative for commercial uses, and the incognito answer to Teslas and Bolts.... More >>

Intel C.E.O. Brian Krzanich Resigns After Relationship With Employee
Mr. Krzanich, who resigned after violating Intel’s “non-fraternization policy,” will be replaced on an interim basis by the company’s chief financial officer.... More >>

Chanel Publishes Annual Results for First Time in 108 Years
The French behemoth, known for its perfumes, handbags and double-C logo, reported strong sales growth and rising investment. But that it published at all was a surprise.... More >>

DealBook Briefing: Disney’s Smart New Move to Beat Comcast in the Fight for Fox
The cable giant is struggling in the competition to acquire Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, and time for a comeback could be running out.... More >>

Climate Change Brought a Lobster Boom. Now It Could Cause a Bust.
Warming waters in the Gulf of Maine have benefited lobsters and the lobstermen who trap them. But as temperatures rise further, will the industry reach a tipping point?... More >>

Apple Plans to Stream Children’s Shows From Sesame Workshop
With 15 series underway, the tech giant moves closer to its streaming future. On Monday, one of its scripted shows is scheduled to start filming.... More >>

National Enquirer Executives Said to Be Subpoenaed in Cohen Investigation
The publisher American Media has been thrust into a federal inquiry involving Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s onetime top lieutenant.... More >>

Trump’s Ace in the Hole in Trade War: A Strong Economy
Accelerating growth has given the administration more leverage over trading partners. But economists warn of potential headwinds beyond this year.... More >>

Tech Fix: Firefox Is Back. It’s Time to Give It a Try.
Mozilla redesigned its browser to take on Google’s Chrome. Firefox now has strong privacy features and is as fast as Chrome.... More >>

Kazuo Kashio, a Founder of Casio Computer, Dies at 89
One of four brothers who organized the company in postwar Japan, he marketed the mini-calculator, the G-Shock watch and other innovations.... More >>

Is There a Smarter Path to Artificial Intelligence? Some Experts Hope So
A branch of A.I. called deep learning has transformed computer performance in tasks like vision and speech. But meaning, reasoning and common sense remain elusive.... More >>

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