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Moody’s Downgrades China Over Worries About Its Growing Debt
The ratings firm’s action underlines the difficulty Beijing faces in pushing economic growth while tackling problems in its financial system.... More >>

Market Value: Angry Over Zillow’s Home Prices? A Prize Is Offered for Improving Them
The overall accuracy of Zillow’s estimates has gotten better, and it’s now announcing a $1 million award to sharpen the company’s algorithm further.... More >>

Economic View: How Tales of ‘Flippers’ Led to a Housing Bubble
The boom and bust cycle in the housing market had terrible consequences. Yet unless we fully understand its causes, we may end up repeating it.... More >>

Mother’s Pay: The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because of Motherhood
Some women work just as much after having children, but employers pay them less, too, assuming they will be less committed, research shows.... More >>

Economic Trends: What the Tea Leaves Tell Us About Trump’s Trade Agenda
There seems to be a willingness to compromise to achieve broader diplomatic goals.... More >>

Even Harley-Davidson Can’t Resist the Tug of Overseas Factories
Lauded by President Trump as a symbol of American manufacturing, the company hopes a new plant in Thailand will help it clear trade barriers to woo Southeast Asian buyers.... More >>

Uber to Repay Millions to Drivers, Who Could Be Owed Far More
The company concedes taking tens of millions in excess commissions. A lawsuit alleges improper tax deductions that are costing drivers even more.... More >>

Trump’s Problematic Math: Budget Plan Adds Growth, but Doesn’t Subtract Cost
The White House is projecting faster growth as a consequence of tax cuts. But it does not project the cost of those tax cuts, that is, the loss in tax revenue.... More >>

Economists See Little Magic in Tax Cuts to Promote Growth
President Trump’s budget hews to a longtime Republican premise, but past efforts to enlarge the pie even while slicing it have fallen short of hopes.... More >>

Border Tax’s Apparent Demise Jeopardizes G.O.P. Overhaul Plan
Both Democrats and Republicans, and even the White House, have derided a key provision of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s plan for rewriting the tax code in 2017.... More >>

Republicans, Pushing Aside Trump’s Budget, Find Few Alternatives
The budget battle ahead is likely to mirror the party’s health care fight, in which concessions to moderates alienate conservatives and vice versa.... More >>

Interviewing Truck Drivers at a Crossroads
“Their work was tough, often lonely, and the stories poured out of them as though people beyond their fraternity had rarely asked about it.”... More >>

Trump’s Budget Cuts Deeply Into Medicaid and Anti-Poverty Efforts
The package calls for spending more than $2.6 billion for border security — including $1.6 billion to begin work on a border wall — and slashing more than $800 billion from Medicaid.... More >>

News Analysis: Trump’s First Budget Works Only if Wishes Come True
President Trump’s first budget promises booming economic growth, sharp tax cuts and an end to federal deficits. Experts say it’s too good to be true.... More >>

Pittsburgh Welcomed Uber’s Driverless Car Experiment. Not Anymore.
Nine months after Uber rolled out self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh, the city’s relationship with the ride-hailing company has soured.... More >>

Taking Note: The Biggest Threat to Job Growth
Despite a slow month, the overall job market is steady. Wrongheaded policy could change that.... More >>

Lack of Workers, Not Work, Weighs on the Nation’s Economy
In Utah, the 3.1 percent jobless rate has helped drive up wages, and the biggest problem is no longer a dearth of jobs but of people to do them.... More >>

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