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As Housing Prices Soar, New Zealand Tackles a Surge in Homelessness
The new center-left government is promising to address the problem, which one study found to be among the worst in the developed world.... More >>

Greece Prepares to Stagger Back From Debt Crisis, the End of Bailouts in Sight
European leaders agreed to a plan that would finally take Athens off financial life support, effectively declaring an end to a crisis that nearly wrecked the euro.... More >>

Europe Retaliates Against Trump Tariffs
The European counterattack, a response to U.S. measures on steel and aluminum, adds another front to a trade war that has engulfed allies and adversaries around the world.... More >>

Trump’s Ace in the Hole in Trade War: A Strong Economy
Accelerating growth has given the administration more leverage over trading partners. But economists warn of potential headwinds beyond this year.... More >>

State of the Art: How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities
Elon Musk is drilling tunnels, electric scooters command the sidewalks, and Amazon is throwing its weight around in Seattle. Welcome to the technocapitalist metropolis of the future.... More >>

As Greece Ends a Decade of Bailouts, Problems Linger for Europe
European officials are eager to paint Greece as a comeback story. But troubles in nearby Italy show that the euro’s issues have not been laid to rest.... More >>

Disability Applications Plunge as the Economy Strengthens
Fewer people are seeking and receiving Social Security disability benefits, reversing a long trend that had worried lawmakers about fraud and abuse.... More >>

As Trump Escalates Trade Fight, China Can Take the Hit
The trade measures President Trump is imposing will do little to hurt China’s growth, though they could add to Beijing’s problems down the road.... More >>

The Week Ahead: Central Bankers Will Debate Policy, and OPEC Meets on Output
The Senate will also vote on an amendment that would block President Trump’s ZTE deal, and the Fox board will weigh Comcast’s $65 billion offer.... More >>

Feeling Good About the Economy? You’re Probably a Republican
A survey shows a sharp partisan split in consumer confidence. But a third of Democrats say President Trump deserves some credit for economic gains.... More >>

As Uncertainty Clouds Economy, Europe Pulls Back on Easy Money
Political turmoil, slowing growth and the prospect of a trade war fail to deter Europe’s central bank from ending economic stimulus measures.... More >>

As China Curbs Borrowing, Growth Shows Signs of Faltering
The country’s focus on reducing its debt has left small businesses facing a credit crunch, and the economy appears to be slowing.... More >>

Was This a Fed Chief Talking? How Powell Sounded Different
Only recently has the Federal Reserve tried to communicate directly and transparently to the public. Its new chairman is pushing ahead on that frontier.... More >>

The Message of the June Fed Meeting: There’s a New Chairman in Charge
Jerome Powell’s policy decision was in line with his predecessors, but he made a series of changes that give him more flexibility in the years ahead... More >>

Paris Dispatch: Can Strikes in France Still Make a Difference?
Labor unions turned to strikes to thwart President Emmanuel Macron’s work reforms, but got little traction. Still, they are a ritual of the spring.... More >>

E-Commerce Might Help Solve the Mystery of Low Inflation
When it’s easier to comparison shop online, businesses are less likely to raise prices — but you wouldn’t know that by looking at official inflation data.... More >>

How Good Is the Trump Economy, Really?
It depends on whether you look at the level, the direction or the rate of change — three concepts that are often conflated.... More >>

What Is the Trade Deficit?
It’s not a scorecard, and reducing it won’t necessarily be good for jobs.... More >>

Retiring: A Florida City Wants More Retirees, and Is Going After Them
Tallahassee, which has been concerned about its population growth, has a campaign to lure aging baby boomers who might not think of it as a Sunshine State destination.... More >>

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